Introducing Patterson's Butcher Board Beef

Patterson’s Butcher Board Beef is hand-packed with only the leanest cuts of premium All Natural USDA beef, then slow-cooked with a touch of salt to bring out its roasted flavor. No water or preservatives are added. Our roasting process creates a rich beef broth that can be used to make a delicious gravy. The beef is fully cooked, ready to heat, and serve – or add to your favorite recipe.

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My friend raves about this so I gave it shot. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from a can but was impressed by how good it is. I added it to my tortalini soup and it was good. I will buy it again and like that it can keep in my pantry and use it whenever I want diced beef.


I compare this to lean beef slow-roasted for hours in a crock pot, resulting in a tender (and not mushy) dinner-table staple in my household. I like to add peas, carrots, potatoes, and lima beans to it for simmering together into a stew. Then, I serve it over rice, and my family LOVES it. It's fully-cooked, so you can make a hearty meal in minutes instead of hours. I'd also say this product is perfect for meal-preppers and fitness-conscious enthusiasts that don't want to commit a lot of time to slow cooking a pot roast and don't want to eat something with a bunch of preservatives and artificial stuff in it. It's just beef and a pinch of salt people! You'll love it.


This beef is delicious! Tastes like I took all day to cook but I only had to open the can. If you are looking for convenience as well as good quality this is it!


This beef is such a time saver for our family. I was impressed with the quality and tender beef cuts. It looks like the picture on the package label its not shredded. I like that it's perfectly salted and packed with little broth. I pack this for family trips to the beach or lake house to save cooler space. I'll add taco seasoning when I heat it up for nachos, tacos or burritos. I've also tried it in shepards pie casserole it's a quick hack and makes dinner easy and fast prep time when the beef is already cooked. Walmart is the only place I have found this brand. My family likes Patterson chili too so I'm glad to see the same high quality product.


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